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Artics arrived at Forth and Tennant Transport moved into heavy haulage becoming involved at Ravenscraig Steel Works moving metal to various destinations South of the border.

The introduction of the new Swedish trucks (Scania and Volvo) arriving on the market at the time dramatically raised the bar across the road haulage sphere, as these Scandinavian marques set new standards for drivers, operators and mechanics alike, offering increased potential on all fronts for long distance transportation.

Fourth at Forth

In 1999 Tennant Transport lost the milk haulage contract that they operated for over 70 years. This was a big loss to the company, however as one door shuts, another usually opens. Current customers were expanding and the company was in the fortunate position to pick up this increased business. One of their main customers, Bison Concrete Products who operated out of Falkirk for many years, had just moved to new premises in Uddingston which created higher production volumes.

The business is now run by fourth generation John Tennant and Graham Sorbie. Both have been involved for over 25 years and are ably qualified to carry the business forward.

John has taken over from his father Peter running the workshop and ensuring the vehicles are always ready for the road. John takes pride in the fleet and all vehicles in the Tennant Transport livery are painted by him.

Graham came to the company as the accountant in 1981 and has run the office and administration side of the business.

Both are ably assisted by Ian Tennant who still takes an active involvement in the concern overseeing the day to day operations.

Around 48 vehicles make up today's Tennant Transport operation, most of which are tractor units. DAF trucks still dominate the fleet. Staying true to their long founded principles of diversity means that the large trailer fleet, numbering around 100 examples, consists of a wide variety of types including; tippers, tankers, flats, extendables, curtainsiders and crane offload.

The benefit of this 'real general haulage' operating strategy allows the firm to offer a plethora of services to existing and potential clients.

The Forth premises have expanded gradually over the years with the family logically buying adjacent blocks of land as they came onto the market, however with such a large fleet Tennant's also own a dedicated trailer parking area in the locale.

John Tennant enthuses about the all round performance of the DAFs in the fleet noting:
"The CF and XF models have great driver acceptance, good reliability and an attractive price all complemented by superb dealer service and back up from Imperial Commercials at Cumbernauld."...
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